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  • We provide efficient and effective Business Excellence Systems, totally aligned with our Client's current and future business needs and expectations


  • Through our sustained leadership, collaboration and partnership, we maintain an uncompromising commitment toward Continuous Improvement


Nik is a driven professional with demonstrated success in business process management and improvement strategies resulting in exceptional cost savings.

As a key influencer with extreme commitment to business process excellence Nik promotes customer/client service as a significant improvement driver resulting in increased stakeholder value.

Nik Kure has a 20 year history in working with, advising in and implementing improvement methodologies.


Significant assignments have included, developing generating project plans procedures, guidance notes,   project study document co ordination, accrediting clients to ISO 9001 quality system, consultancy services on a major infrastructure project in China and facilitation of six sigma improvement projects.


Kure and Associates assists organisations with their implementation of customised, contemporary business excellence solutions including;


  • Integrated Management Systems - ISO 9001-Quality, ISO 14000-Environmental, ISO 4801 OHS 


  • Continuous improvement


  • Process mapping and streamlining


  • Concise, clear and consistent documentation


  • Project Management Systems


Kure and Associates has had the privilege of assisting some exceptional organisations in the areas of:  


  • Resources: Developing, writing and editing project documentation including engineering, project controls, quality, construction, contracts/procurement, health safety and security procedures.  Project team and area manager training co ordination and roll out. Co ordinating subject matter expert feasibility study submissions, effective writing coaching, process mapping.


  • Telecommunications: Electrical and communications cables manufacture. ISO 9001 and all facets of manufacturing quality assurance and improvement. Environmental conformance to ISO 14001. Cost reductions, six sigma DMAIC methodology, process mapping, APAC regional total quality reporting.


  • Infrastructure: Road expressway, toll way management and operations. Resolution of foreign investment issues in protecting China/Australia joint venture interests, motorway and bridge toll plaza quality compliance audits,management review corrective action planning. 


  • Tunnelling:  Civil tunnelling project development and implementation of quality assurance and environmental management programs, compliance assessments.


  • Automotive: Original equipment and spare parts supply. Consultation in achievement of third party certification ISO9002, QS9000 development, quality planning and assessment.


  • Engineering/Fabrication: Pressure vessel fabrication; quality planning, process mapping. Metals forging, jobbing shops, non ferrous foundries;  Systems establishment to ISO 9001 and third party accreditation. 


21 03 10 Since 2016,  Kure and Associates have entered the iOS and Android App Market in Developing and Deploying customised Web browser Mobile Device Client Business Applications.

Through their range of "eSolutions", Kure and Associates offer leading edge improvements for Clients.

By Tranfering work processes from Manual or Spread Sheet to Digital eApplications, efficiency improvements and consequent time/cost savings are realised.

Other Benefits include streamlined Approvals,  Transperency in Real Time

21 03 10 Since 2016,  Kure and Associates have entered the iOS and Android App Market in Developing and Deploying customised Web browser Mobile Device Client Business Applications.

Through their range of "eSolutions", Kure and Associates have again consistenly demonstrated leading edge improvement offerings for Clients. Tranfering work processes from Manual or Spread Sheet to Digital eApplications,  results in significant efficiency improvments and consequent cost savings. improved reporting and transperence of informaion through the Organisation.

thoroghly planned out Workflows,  ensure all stakeholders are notified in real time of isseus    

Examples in include;

  • eIncident - tracks and retaines all work place Safety Incident reports/ per employee location injury type  

App Functionality: Worksite location, Geo location, electronic signatures, event images, files    (WorkCover Forms)       

  • eSurvey - Leadership Systems

App Functions 

  •  eDocument - maintaines all site wide Controled Documents and Records for access from    

Superseded register and access Maintained One Click

  • eClockInOut -s streamline alternative for employee to Clock in and Out from shifts and Work Processes

"Systems Thinking Delivers Solutions"


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